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Product Description

Who We Are:
ZheJiang CZPT Machinery Co., Ltd is 1 of China leading manufacturers of mini excavators. The products has got CE approved, satisfying Euro5 and EPA Tier4 emission standard and have been supplied to over 30 countries with great reputation.

What We Offer:
1. Products of Mini Excavators from HX08 to HX35, CZPT engine are optional.
2. Pre-sale, middle-sale and after-sale all-around service.
3. Training of machine operation, daily maintenance with instruction manuals.
4. 7*24 Technical support for any trouble shooting with our machines.
5. OEM/ODM service for excavator wholesalers/trading companies/distributors/local agents.




Product Features

1. The mini excavator is equipped with top brand engine such as CZPT or Kubota, satisfying the EURO5 and EPA Tier4 emission standard.

2. The hydraulic system adopts the load-sensitive mechanism, making each move operated smoothly with help of the branded pump.

3. With many years’ manufacturing experience, the engines and hydraulic systems are matched perfectly, so the mini excavator has enjoyed the best efficiency and performance.

4. The whole body adopts the reinforced material, making it stronger from the initial.

5. The scientifically compact design of each model, increasing its reliability while decreasing the possibilities of machine breakdown.
6. Most models are standard with hydraulic control and boom swing functions. So the mini excavators could make more moves easily at the lowest time. Also, it releases hard work of the operators.

7. With retractable undercarriage or chassis, the mini excavator could pass through the narrow space easily. Together with double speed motor, it can walk faster improving all work efficiency.

8. Standard with 1 backup hydraulic oil pump, so that many tools such as Hammer, Auger, Rake, Thumb, Grapple etc. could be attached to complete various jobs.







Engine : Koop,Changchai,Laidong,Xinhai,Yanmar,Kubato,Perkins

Control: Hydraulic pilot or mechanical

Cabin: Open cabin or canopy and close cabin

Track: Rubber and steel track/crawler are optional

Air Conditioner: Air conditioning system could be equipped within the enclode cabin.

Chassis: The retractable track or chassis could be choosed.

Motor: High-low 2 speed motor is optional

Color: Yellow,Orange,Red,Blue,Green,Black.Etc









Here we list some basic product parameters, kindly please check and select the 1 which suits your jobs. For more information, you can contact us immediately.



Model HX08 HX10 HX15 HX17
Total Weight 700 kg 950 kg 1280 kg 1500 kg
Rated Power 8.6KW 8.6 KW 12KW 20KW
Engine Koop192F Koop 192FA Changchai Changchai
Bucket Capacity 0.02 m³ 0.02 m³ 0.03 m³ 0.03 m³
Maximum CZPT distance 2650 mm 2850 mm 3370 mm 2400 mm
Max. CZPT Depth 1200 mm 1450 mm 1600 mm 1800 mm
Max. CZPT Height 2470 mm 2580 mm 2850 mm 2940 mm
Gradeability 30° 30° 30° 30°
Overall Width 720 mm 930 mm 1100 mm 1100 mm



Model HX18T HX20 HX20T HX20U
Total Width 1100 mm 1060 mm 1300 mm 1200 mm
Crawler width 180 mm 230 mm 230 mm 230 mm
Engine Kubota D1105/Laidong 385 Kubota D1105 Kubota D1105 Laidong
Bucket Capacity 0.04 m³ 0.06 m³ 0.06 m³ 0.06m³
Swing angle 360° 360° 360° 360°
Max. CZPT Depth 2100 mm 2050 mm 2400 mm 2240 mm
Max. CZPT Height 2700 mm 3365 mm 3700 mm 3550 mm
Max. CZPT Radius 2990 mm 3860 mm 4040 mm 3780 mm
Max. Dumping Height 1500 mm 2385 mm 2440 mm 2450 mm



Model HX22 HX30 HX35 HX40
Total Width 1200 mm 1350 mm 1500 mm 1720 mm
Crawler width 230 mm 230 mm 230 mm 300 mm
Engine Kubota/Laidong Kubota/Xinchai/Changchai Kubota/xinchai/Changchai Kubota D1703
Bucket Capacity 0.06 m³ 0.1 m³ 0.1 m³ 0.12 m³
Swing angle 360° 360° 360° 360°
Max. CZPT Depth 2240 mm 2500 mm 2500 mm 3208 mm
Max. CZPT Height 3550 mm 3900 mm 3900 mm 4800 mm
Max. CZPT Radius 4050 mm 4040 mm 4040 mm 5359 mm
Max. Dumping Height 2450 mm 2600 mm 2600 mm 3406 mm



HIXEN Mini Excavators are equipped with a backup hydraulic pipeline, with which a lot of tools could be attached to fulfill a wide range of works. That include but not limited as: Pavement Breaking, Trees Planting, Pipeline Installation, Trenches Digging, Tunnel Excavation, Building Foundations, Indoor Breaking, Farmland Clearing, Foundation Digging, Cable Landfill, etc.





ZheJiang CZPT Machinery Co., Ltd, is a reputed manufacturer and exporter of construction machines with 13 years’ experience. Located in the High-tech development zone of ZheJiang province, the company has developed into a comprehensive machinery group.

Since established, the company has been devoted to the scientific and technological innovation, precision manufacturing and all-around service. Now we have built a professional technical team which have large years’ experience in machinery area; the modern production line including all the processing machines which ensure the precise manufacturing; the international standard management system which guarantee the whole process run fluently. With all the related certificates, we will always be strictly following the industry standard, fully control the production flow that the quality of every product will be better and better.
Besides domestic market, the products have also been supplied to numerous places all over the world which has earned large reputation and enjoyed great population.

We sincerely welcome all distributors, trading companies, local agents, and end users contact us and come to visit us.





  1. Confirm ordering quantity so that we use wooden box or load into container.
  2. Make it clear how the quantity each container could load according to size of each model.
  3. Decide how to transport according to our trade terms.
  4. With the detailed address, deliver the goods to your destination port.







1. What kind of payment terms can be accepted?
We accept 30% initial deposit that we start the production, and 70% payment when the goods are ready before delivery through T/T.  L/C or Trade Assurance on Alibaba could also be accepted. Further methods need to be negotiated.

2. What will be the international trading terms can you accept when we make the deal?
We work on FOB,CFR,CIF, DDU, DDP etc. We have the professional shipping forwarder to arrange all the shipping process, even the door to door delivery.  Meanwhile, you can also handle the transportation yourself.

3. What is the delivery period?
Usually we can deliver the goods within 5 working days after receiving the deposit. If your ordering quantity is large, that need to be further negotiated. The shipping period depends on your destination port distance, which will be clear during your conversation with our commercial team.

4. What is the minimum ordering quantity?
The MOQ is 1 set. And we can help pack it inside the wooden box for LCL shipping. While, large quantity is always welcomed, since the shipping cost could be lower comparatively.

5. Could you make our brand LOGO or color customized on the products?
Yes, sure. We accept the OEM/ODM orders.

6.How long does it usually take for me to receive the mini diggers?
That depends on whether you want to do customization your mini diggers or not, and also depends on the speed of customs clearance and logistics, but we can guarantee to ship regular models within 5 working days, and some in stock ready for delivery.

7. How can you guarantee the quality of your mini diggers?
We have been in the mini digger industry for over 10 years, the technology is quite mature. Each product can only be delivered after our strict test and commission. Also, the satisfaction from end-users proved its quality.

8. How to operate a mini excavator?
When we deliver the mini excavators, the instruction manuals will be provided, with basic operation indicates, and repair and maintenance instructions. It will be quite easy to operate.

9. Which model micro diggers is the most popular one?
This is a great and tough question. The hot-selling models vary in different countries. For us, the 2-ton model is always very popular, but the 1-ton digger enjoyed a great market in recent years. Anyway, please do some investigation on your local market, we can also provide some suggestions according to your specific requirement.

10. What kind of attached tools could be equipped to the mini diggers?
Basically, almost all the tools used on hydraulic excavators could be used on our micro diggers. The most common ones such as Auger, Breaking Hammer, Log Grapple, Ripper, Rake, Thumb, Wide Bucket, Narrow Bucket, Fork, etc.

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Contact us to get to know more!



Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

To be negotiated
After-sales Service: Provided
Warranty: 18 Months
Type: Crawler Excavator
US$ 3850/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


Order Sample



Customized Request


Agricultural Parts and Implements Are Manufactured Using Steel

Agricultural parts and implements are manufactured using various metals, such as Steel. These metals are used for the purposes of agricultural machinery, as they are the strongest and the most durable metals. Steel is also a good material for agricultural implements as it does not rust, even in the toughest conditions.

Steel is the best metal for agricultural implements

Whether it’s a tractor, plow or any other agricultural implement, the best metal to use is steel. It is tough, durable, and affordable. Plus, it’s also eco-friendly. Steel is available in various grades and sizes, so it can be customized to meet specific performance characteristics.
Agricultural equipment is exposed to a lot of environmental factors, such as dirt, moisture, and harsh chemicals. It’s also frequently exposed to high temperatures. It needs to be made from materials that can withstand harsh weather.
Steel is a durable and malleable alloy that can be manufactured in different grades and sizes. It’s also available in different thicknesses, so it can be used for various applications.
Steel can be used for agricultural equipment because it’s highly resistant to corrosion. It’s also easy to clean and maintain. Plus, it’s 100% recyclable. Steel can be used for animal pens, trailers, fencing, and even tools.
Galvanized steel is a metal commonly used in agricultural tools. It has a zinc coating that prevents corrosion. It’s also self-healing and has a lower maintenance cost than other coated metals. It can also be used for irrigation systems, tractor parts, and animal pens.
Agricultural machinery is continuously being improved to ensure efficiency and comfort for its users. This includes the development of innovative technologies. For example, manufacturers develop structural steel shells and solid steel frames for tractors. These components are designed to work together, enabling farmers to harvest more crops per acre without having to refuel.
Modern farming operations require larger and more automated equipment. They need to be built with materials that can withstand the rigors of a farming environment. Agricultural equipment is made from a variety of steels that are tough and durable. Steel also provides corrosion protection and durability.
Whether you are looking for a metal building, an irrigation system, or a tractor part, you’ll find the best metal for agricultural implements at CZPT Company. The company can provide you with all the steel you need, including metal processing and fabrication services.
In addition to being a versatile metal, steel is also a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly option. Using steel in your agricultural machinery allows you to produce higher crops per acre without compromising durability. It’s also lighter than conventional steel, meaning your equipment will need less fuel.

Changes in agricultural plots

Getting a good look at the latest data is a must to fully grasp the state of the union. Thankfully, our partners at PwC can help you uncover the secrets of the world’s most productive agricultural region. In a nutshell, we can help you map out a comprehensive and robust plan for the future of the agricultural industry. By leveraging our expertise in land characterization, land management and planning, we can ensure your property is in tip-top shape for generations to come. Lastly, we can help you secure financing for your agricultural projects, while ensuring your investment is rewarded with the highest possible rates of return. No matter what your needs are, PwC will help you achieve your goals. Our experts are armed with the latest technology and the expertise to ensure your next land acquisition will be a smooth and stress-free experience. We will also be on hand to provide ongoing guidance as you engage in a land-related decision making endeavor. Your PwC experts can assist you on a personal level, or through an organization. For more information, contact your local PwC office today. Besides, we would be happy to help you in any way we can. If you are a landowner or landholder in need of advice or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact your PwC expert for a free, no obligation consultation.

High demand for OEM parts

Agricultural machinery OEM parts are rapidly growing at a rate of 3.6% per year. This growth is mainly driven by increased global food demand and rapid crop production. However, the volatility in commodity prices and deteriorating raw material prices are stymieing market growth.
The high demand for OEM agricultural parts is mainly due to advancements in technology. These technologies are improving the economic situation of the farmers. They are also driving interest in agricultural machinery.
Agricultural equipment is a significant investment. It is important that parts for the equipment don’t cost more than they need to. This means that manufacturers and dealers need to focus on providing quality replacement parts. OEM parts are a great way to ensure that you are getting the performance that you need from your equipment.
The agricultural machinery OEM market is a highly competitive market. The major OEM firms will dominate the market in the future. Manufacturers are working to provide new solutions to the agricultural industry. These new solutions include heavy equipment OEMs that are providing innovative solutions for agriculture.
The OEM parts are not only good quality, but they come with a warranty as well. This warranty ensures that the parts will last longer. They also come with a variety of parts that you may not be able to find elsewhere.
OEMs provide a great return on investment to their business partners. They have years of experience building specialty products. They are also able to quickly turn around requests. However, they have limited availability. OEM parts are expensive.
Aftermarket parts have been around for many years, but they have become popular in recent years. The low price makes them a good choice for many customers. However, there is still debate over whether OEM parts or aftermarket parts are the best option.
Aftermarket parts are a good alternative, but they may not perform at the same level as OEM parts. They may also use more expensive materials. The downside to aftermarket parts is that they may not carry the brand name that you are looking for.
When you need agricultural equipment parts, make sure that they provide the performance you are looking for. OEM parts provide a higher level of performance than aftermarket parts, but they are also much more expensive.
China Standard Mini Excavator Stocks Farm CZPT Equipment Tpwable Backhoe Micro CE&ISO Certificatemicro   agricultural wearing partsChina Standard Mini Excavator Stocks Farm CZPT Equipment Tpwable Backhoe Micro CE&ISO Certificatemicro   agricultural wearing parts
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