RRS Form Radially Removable Spacer Couplings,C Form Couplings

C Type Couplings
The C Sort coupling consists of two standard hubs, 1 cushion set and collar with hardware.
Greater torque and bore capacity compared to the L-Line series jaw coupling
Elastomeric cushions are radially removable
Cushions readily available in SXB rubber and Hytrel

RRS and RRSC Kind Radially Removable Spacer Couplings
RRS Variety couplings array from sizes RRS090 to RRS225. The RRS Type
coupling includes:
RRS090 – RRS110:
2 Conventional RRS Hubs
one Spacer Assembly consisting of:
2 snap wrap spiders w/o ring
2 collars with screws
1 spacer
RRS150 – RRS225:
1 Normal RRS Hub
1 Typical RRSC Hub – Drilled for collar
1 Spacer Assembly consisting of:
two snap wrap spiders w/o ring
two collars with screws
one spacer
RRS Style Inch Hubs presented regular with two set screws at 90°.
Typical API based mostly spacers available
Radially removable inserts
Conventional Lovejoy hub design and style with supplemental set screw at 90°


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